Uyghur News (Thursday – Tuesday, November 05 -10, 2020)

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– US Drops ETIM From Terror List, Weakening China’s Pretext For Xinjiang Crackdown

– Journalist questions silence of Islamic nations over Uyghur issue

– TikTok denies parent company helps Chinese government spy on and persecute Uighur Muslims

– The Disappearing Mosques In Xinjiang

– Coronavirus: Xinjiang city must brave ‘wartime conditions’ to stop Covid-19

– Global MPs Urge ICC to Probe Whether Abuses in Xinjiang Constitute Genocide

– ICC Uighur genocide complaint backed by parliamentarians around world

– Reports Of China Keeping Uyghurs On Surveillance Confirmed One More Time

– Whistleblower accuses UN of complicity in Uighur genocide

– Uyghur Businessman Faces Deportation to Xinjiang by Saudi Authorities

– How the U.S. Has Reacted to China’s Treatment of Uyghurs

– Beijing 2022 Olympics: Stop the ‘Genocide Games’

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