Uyghur News (Saturday – Tuesday,November 14 – 17, 2020)

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– Chinese actions against Uyghurs must be recognised as ‘genocide’

– ‘Every Uyghur is freedom fighter’: Uyghur leader vows to fight back against Chinese atrocities in Xinjiang

– Bob Rae calls on UN to investigate evidence of genocide against China’s Uighur minority

– Malaysia stands firm on not deporting Uygurs, risking Beijing’s anger

– Uyghur leader vows to fight against Chinese atrocities

– Large COVID-19 outbreak in Xinjiang, China

– The Uighurs’ Nightmare — In Their Own Words

– Tower Hamlets objects to new China embassy after Uighur crackdown

-Foreign office urged to introduce sanctions on Chinese officials and organisations for torture and abuse of uyghurs

– US, International Lawmakers Urge UN to Launch Probe of Rights Abuses in Xinjiang

– China will replace concentration camps with high-tech oppression, US diplomat warns

– After parliamentary study on Uyghur ‘genocide’, Canada pushes for sanctions on Chinese officials

– ‘Switzerland needs to include concerns of Tibetans, Uyghurs in its policy on China’

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