Uyghur News (Saturday – Friday, December 05 – 11, 2020)

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– The World Needs a Powerful America—the Tragic Alternative Is Xinjiang—-tragic-alternative-xinjiang-1738

– Poetry, the soul of Uighur culture, on verge of extinction in Xinjiang

– ‘Do you know that I am with you?’: Uighur poetry preserves culture under attack

– Ministers face double defeat in Lords over China trading links

– Corporate greed fuels human rights violations against Uyghur Muslims in China

– Uyghur Youth Transferred to Xinjiang After Detention Tied to Critical Videos That Went Viral

– Uyghurs Wait Nervously for Biden China Policy As ‘Genocide’ Continues

– U.S. lawmakers ask Intel, Nvidia about sale of tech to China used against Uighurs

– Uyghur Scholar Rahile Dawut Named Honorary Professor in the Humanities by the Open Society University Network

– British Parliamentarians Affirm: ‘We Will Not Trade With States Perpetrating Genocide’


– Big data ‘turbocharged’ repression in China’s Xinjiang, rights group says

– China is doubling down in Xinjiang

– America at Large: Nike must wake up to human rights

– ‘Uyghur Genocide’: Raza Academy Chief, Five Others Stage Protest Outside Chinese Consulate, Detained by Mumbai Police

– US cotton ban against Xinjiang-based XPCC has strategic value for India

– Protests In Bangladesh’s Cities Against China, Pakistan For Persecution Of Minorities

– ICC asks for more evidence on Uighur genocide claims

– Uighur family freed after three years, and reunited in Australia

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