Uyghur News (Sunday – Wednesday, December 13 – 16, 2020)

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– UIC News for the week ending 11 Dec 2020:

– The Guardian view on China’s treatment of the Uighurs: from unthinkable to irrefutable

– US ban on China’s cotton can be advantage India in Ladakh. New Delhi must seize opportunity

– China faces charges of Uighur genocide – International Criminal Court

– United States: CBP Issues Detention Order On Cotton And Cotton Products Originating From The Xinjiang Production And Construction Corps

– US bill against Uyghur forced labor gets corporate lobbyist attention

– Preventing Uyghur Slave Labor Products Under The Tree. Maybe Next Year.

– Uighur repression ‘turbocharged by technology,’ confidential documents show

– Hampstead protest defending Uighur Muslims takes to Volkswagen Finchley Road

– Tomlinson: American businesses should stand up to China’s human rights abuses

– China continues to arrest, imprison Uyghurs despite international backlash, says experts

– Rick Scott Calls on State Department to Look Closer at China’s Treatment of the Uyghurs

– Uighur alarm: Huawei worked with companies to build tools that track people by ethnicity

– China avoids ICC prosecution over Xinjiang for now, but pressure is growing

– Uighurs in China being forced into hard, manual labour including cotton picking: Report

– ICC Rejects Uyghur Plea for Investigation of China

– ICC prosecutor rejects Uighur genocide complaint against China

– Xinjiang: more than half a million forced to pick cotton, report suggests

– China Forcing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Minorities Into Hard Labour, BBC Confirms

– Pompeo slams China’s treatment of Uyghurs, compares it to Nazi

– Griezmann ends Huawei sponsorship as criticism of China’s treatment of Uyghurs grows

– Chief Rabbi launches scathing attack on China’s persecution of Uyghur Muslims

– Examining the Persecution of Uighur Muslims in China, Part 3

-As China Tracked Muslims, Alibaba Showed Customers How They Could, Too

-China’s Oppressed Uighurs Made COVID-19 Protection Sold Throughout Europe

-How China uses Internet trolls to help cover up its atrocities

-IOC accused of ignoring human rights for 2022 Beijing Games

-China: Renewed calls for action on forced labour in Uyghur region as fresh evidence emerges

-Voice of the Jewish News: The Chief Rabbi and China

-Hanukkah celebrates our triumph over genocide. Uighurs are undergoing one right now.

-UK business ‘must wake up’ to China’s Uighur cotton slaves

-Uighur lawyers collecting new evidence to back ICC case

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