Uyghur News (Thursday – Friday, December 17 – 18, 2020)

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-European Parliament resolution would seek sanctions on Chinese officials in Xinjiang

-‘Will they let us live?’ Inside Xinjiang, survivors of China’s internment camps speak

-Report: China’s forced labor in Xinjiang cotton is sizable

-Decoding China’s new Uighur-focused special forces video

-Alibaba facial recognition tech specifically picks out Uighur minority – report

-Fashion retailers must prove products have no Uighur slave labour involvement, says MP

-Hold China to account for Uighur abuses

-‘China monitors social media posts of Uyghurs settled abroad’

-ICC Prosecutor Says Cambodia’s Uyghur Deportation Insufficient to Initiate Investigation

-‘I need to believe the Uyghurs can survive and not be erased’

-China’s turbocharged repression of Uighur Muslims; here’s how Xi Jinping govt has reached a new low

-China’s Surveillance Of Uighurs’ Relatives abroad Exposed In Attempt To Gag Sweden Settler

-More Evidence of Xinjiang Atrocities — and More CCP Lies

-US Muslim groups accuse OIC of abetting China’s Uighur ‘genocide’

-‘I have nothing else’: Uighur man fights to join family in Canada

-Alibaba ‘dismayed’ by reports its software was used to identify Uyghurs

-European Parliament Adopts Resolution on Uyghurs Clearing Path For China Sanctions

-ICC refuses to investigate Chinese mass detention of Uighur Muslims

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