Uyghur News (Saturday – Sunday, December 19 – 20, 2020)

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-Uighurs: China’s Marketplace Giant Alibaba Admits It Created Software Used To Track Ethnic Minority

-China puts Han official in charge of ethnic minority affairs as Beijing steps up push for integration

-Turkey group seeks probe into Uyghur activist’s death

-Zoom executive accused of suppressing online meetings for China

-‘Evidence of forced Uyghur labour’ in China is ‘credible’ according to UK foreign minister

-Pakistan, China’s espionage operations exposed through presence of Chinese spies in Afghanistan

-Xinjiang forced labour concerns threaten to derail China’s investment deal with EU

-China has opened a new front in its criminal war against Muslims in western China

-Salih Hudayar on China’s Uyghur Genocide

-Alibaba Responds To Using ‘Tech Software’ That Identified Uighurs

-What Happened To The Promise Of Never Again?

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