Uyghur News (Tuesday – Wednesday, December 22 – 23, 2020)

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-Biden Camp Adds Pressure on EU to Hit Brakes on China Deal

-Will China Turn Off Asia’s Tap?

-Alibaba Cloud Services Offered Racial Profiling of Uyghurs to Commercial Clients: Report

-China’s leaders expand use of forced labor

-Is the ICC corrupted by China?

-As the US bans cotton from Xinjiang company, read how China has been exploiting Uyghur slave labour to supply Western markets

– US bill banning Xinjiang imports over forced labour concerns fails to become law

– International media: Perception & reality in Xinjiang

– China: Repression Threatens Winter Olympics

– How capitalism is enabling China’s Uighur repression

– France to oppose EU-China deal over abuse of Uighurs

– Pompeo Weighs Genocide Designation for China

– UK Lawmakers Urge Action to Hold Chinese Officials Accountable For Rights Abuses in Xinjiang

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