Uyghur News (Saturday – Monday, January 9-11, 2021)

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Congress is moving to block goods made with the forced labour of Uyghurs

Twitter finally deletes China’s nasty tweet on Uyghur women

Brutal, criminal and inhumane: Tory report’s devastating verdict on the Beijing regime as party’s grandees urge Boris Johnson to face down China

Statement on Claims of Forced Labor in the Solar Industry

It Took a Genocide for Me to Remember My Uighur Roots

CCP’s Motives for the Cultural Genocides in Tibet and East Turkestan

UK Paid £150m to Chinese Concentration Camp Connected Companies for Covid PPE

Raab to clampdown on firms linked to forced labour in Xinjiang

Twitter removes China US embassy post saying Uighur women no longer ‘baby-making machines’

China faces backlash for tweet claiming crackdown on Muslims has “emancipated” women’s minds

The UK should be empowered not to trade with regimes overseeing genocide

Uyghur Genocide: China Denies Coercive Birth Control Measures Among Muslim Minority Women in Xinjiang

What’s behind Beijing’s treatment of the Uyghurs?

UK ‘to ban’ China imports linked to Uighur camps: Reports

The World Cannot Ignore Beijing’s Assault on Uighurs and Christians | Opinion

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