Uyghur News (Saturday – Sunday, January 30 – February 1, 2021)

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Amelia Pang’s Book Explores The Human Cost Of Our Cheap Goods

UK should not strike trade deals with genocidal states

UK must do more to prevent genocide – Church leaders

World War 3 fears: Biden ‘not man enough’ to stand up to China, claims expert

Opinion: Olympic Flame Of Suffering

Vancouver miner says China trying to steal Xinjiang gold mine

China removes Uyghur language as medium of instruction in Xinjiang

Ministers move to stop backbench revolt over UK courts’ role in genocide rulings

Biden shows his hawkish side on China

China threatens to ‘do nothing’ on climate change if US continues genocide accusations

China Showcases ‘Happy’ Uighurs to Fend Off Genocide Claims

US must ‘impose cost’ on China for threat towards Taiwan, Ho …

Pressure and propaganda – the reality of reporting Xinjiang

Sen. Moran, colleagues reintroduce Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

The logic of sanctions is appealing, but do not work with communist countries

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