Chinese Government Meddling, Again

So often when someone comments on the situation in Tibet, Eastern Turkestan, Southern Mongolia, or anywhere else in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), the response is almost always disparaging remarks and the admonition to ‘stop meddling in China’s affairs.’

In the short time that this blog has been active, we have a few examples; for instance India was threatened in this blog entry because the Dalai Lama was to hold a meeting, and the PRC response to the EU’s awarding of the Sakharov Peace Prize to Hu Jia was covered here, China’s African Slave Empire relates the price that Africans are paying for Chinese ‘aid’, the official pressure exerted on the Norwegian government to ensure that the Nobel Committee ‘made the correct choice‘, or the documented case of the Chinese Consul-General inciting and rallying a mob to beat up Falun Gong supporters in Flushing, New York.

I was also witness to this phenomena of Chinese government activities within the borders of the United States of America. Not only were some slick, dressed up, card-carrying Communist Chinese goons present on US soil, they actually followed some friends and I around a now defunct Central Florida theme park – and they did not even attempt to hide the fact that they were carrying concealed weapons. Furthermore, someone in the PRC’s Houston Consulate called my home and threatened members of my family (details furnished upon request).

So it should come as no surprise that the Swedish government has expelled a diplomat from the PRC after it was revealed that the Chinese embassy was operating a spy inside the exile Uyghur community in Sweden. The spy is in jail now, but the blame should not rest solely on him. Yes, he allegedly betrayed his countrymen, but what was hanging over his head to make him inform on his friends ? Did they promise to jail his children or grandchildren as they have jailed Rebiya Kadeer’s adult children? During one of the phone calls to his family, were the police sitting with them to get the point across? If his motivation was purely financial, then I would not understand.

So what implications does this have for exile communities of Tibetans, Mongols, Chinese or Uyghurs? Does it follow that they also have traitors in their midst? According to an old friend who has been telling me of this phenomena for over ten years, it has to be a resounding YES! He has been saying that they are sending individuals and groups to hang out with their countrymen and keep Chinese intelligence informed. One also wonders if they did not play a more active role and instigate schemes to split the communities.

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