Does Money Prevent Being Cancelled?

Sometimes people really say what is on their mind and yet no matter how detestable their words, they are given a free pass.
One case in point are the words of Chamath Palihapitiya delivered in a podcast in January 2022:

“Let’s be honest, nobody cares about what’s happening to the Uyghurs,” Palihapitiya said. “You bring it up because you really care, and I think that’s nice that you care. The rest of us don’t care.”

As a minority owner in an NBA team and billionaire, he has little to worry about. Although the NBA team distanced itself from his statement, he has suffered no real consequence for his callous disregard for the suffering of the Uyghur people or for thinking genocide is acceptable. Forced organ harvesting and concentration camps have become a new normal in his mind.

In Wisconsin Democrats Return Money From Tech Billionaire Under Fire for Uyghur Comments, we learn that he is a Democratic Party mega-donor, but the Wisconsin Democratic party decided to send their $10,000 donation from him to an Uyghur support group. Maybe this should be a trend – how many other Democratic Party recipients of his money are willing to either return it to him or repurpose the donation to help the Uyghur community?

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