Bangladesh Activists Feel Pressure From the Chinese Government

The Chinese Communist Party, just after celebrating 60 years in power as the dictatorship of the people, is now waging their ideological war in Bangladesh. According to the ‘Unheard Voice’ blog, ‘Threat on activists for free Tibet in Dhaka continues.” Phayul also has coverage “Tibet exhibition in Bangladesh to go on despite Chinese pressure“.

Students for a Free Tibet in Bangladesh along with the director of the Drik Gallery are under attack to cancel an exhibition they are putting on entitled, “Into Exile | Tibet 1949-2009”. The pressure initially started earlier in the week with “cultural attaches” from the Chinese embassy visiting Dr. Alam with gifts and a request to cancel.
Next, they appear to have bullied an MP to apply pressure and now, the ‘Special Branch’ has been visiting the homes of activists.

I am sure that a lot of people will have seen this exhibit in Dhaka and many more people probably need to see it given the lengths to which is being repressed. I hope that the organizers of the exhibit send us pictures of the exhibit so that we can broaden the audience considerably and show our solidarity with peaceful, non-violent activists.

On the other hand, it probably won’t hurt to contact the US State Department and let them know about the abuse of people’s rights at the behest of the Chinese Communist Party. Another point to make would be to make sure that a note about this should be placed in the next annual report on Human Rights for both Bangladesh and the People’s Republic of China.

Another contact would be the Embassy of Bangladesh to the US in Washington DC. On their front page they have a link to a story “Bangladesh returns to democracy.” Please ask the Ambassador what democracy means if Bangladeshi citizens and officials can be bullied by a foreign government in their own country? If the police can be tempted to intimidate it’s citizens by a foreign government, how can that be democratic – the foreign government doesn’t pay the bills and make democratic decisions – citizens do. If the police can intimidate citizens into changing their behaviors, what freedom is that?

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