China exerts new power in Caribbean

This blog has noted and documented the People’s Republic of China’s effort to silence dissent in Central Asia and Asia with heavy-handed tactics.
Nepal was a state where Tibetan refugees could once safely transit to a safe haven in India – now, after a Maoist uprising that has changed.
Cambodia received Uyghur refugees fleeing from persecution and despite the objections of many other states, returned the refugees to the PRC for certain jailing, torture, and perhaps even execution for the ‘crime’ of escaping.
Bangladesh tried to hold a photo exhibit on Tibet and the Chinese government exerted pressure on the authorities to close the exhibit and deny a free people the right to see pictures.
These countries are not alone – Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and even Afghanistan have returned dissidents without any proof of their ‘crimes’.

This blog has also outed the Chinese government controlled bases on both sides of the Panama Canal, the listening stations in Cuba taken over from the CCCP, and the new deep-water harbor in the Bahamas. These may have a ‘civilian owner’ on paper, but the truth is that these outposts in the American hemisphere are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. At any time (if not already), a container ship could drop all the fixins for medium and long range nuclear tipped weapons at any of these locations, easily within reach of Miami, Atlanta, Washington, or New York City. If this seems far-fetched, then the reader is directed to this previous posting where radioactive powder was being shipped into Israeli waters so that an explosive detonation could spread death. The ship was loaded in and sailing from the PRC and if Somali pirates had not intercepted the ship, tens of thousands would have suffered.

Now, if the Chinese Communist Party controlled People’s Republic of China was really friendly and only wanted to defend themselves, why would they need over 3,000 miles of tunnels to hide their nuclear program? Or why would the Chinese military plan and execute exercises to sink US aircraft carriers ?

So, evidence indicates that:
a. the Chinese government is developing a blue-water navy and amassing an enormous offensive capability, and
b. the Chinese government is capable of bullying other nations into compliance with Chinese interests if they have the upper hand, and
c. the Chinese government has the ability to position nuclear tipped missiles within an hour’s flight from our nation’s capital.

Given the news reported under the title, “China in the Caribbean: The New Big Brother“, the Chinese government now has even more clout with our southern neighbors.

Can we expect to see routine patrols of Chinese warships in the Caribbean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico?
Can we expect to see more Chinese military bases in the Caribbean?

If there is a good reason to put a missile shield in Poland against Iranian missiles, isn’t there a good reason to place a shield in south Florida to protect against Chinese missiles?
Or how about a SOSUS net closely monitoring the Gulf of Mexico in case ballistic missile submarines start to patrol those waters?

Ignore the threat at your peril.

For Freedom,
Freedom’s Herald

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