Tibetan leaders in Nepal arrested from their homes

The title is just so incredulous. The article makes claims that seem impossible.
How is it possible that the government of Nepal is arresting Tibetan leaders for the crime of “seriously undermined the bilateral relationship between Nepal and China” and then pronouncing that “they will be imprisoned for a period of three months.”

Are they not a sovereign country? Don’t they have real laws and don’t have to bend under the pressure of a massive foreign neighbor? After all, didn’t the UN have a refugee center in Nepal for Tibetans escaping from Tibet?

Wait a minute.
This is the same Nepal that until this year had a monarchy since it was formed in 1768.
This is the same Nepal that had been fighting a civil war with Maoist rebels since 1995.
This is the same Nepal that abolished the monarchy and walked King Gyanendra out of the Royal Palace on June 11, 2008. Now, eight days later, it is apparent who is in charge in Nepal.

Again, one must ask when they hear a Chinese spokesman talk about other countries interfering in their internal affairs, what does that mean? Is it OK for them to undermine and overthrow pesky neighboring governments, but the reverse is not ?

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